Hello! My Name Is

Brian Leimone

Hello! My Name Is


Hello, I am Brian!

As the CEO and one of the owners of Nu expression, I have the honor and privilege of leading a phenomenal team of individuals. Most people say that they “have” to go to work on a Monday morning. For me, I love that I “GET” to do what I love and more importantly with people whom I call family.


From a very early age, whether it was building lego creations or being student leader in Boy Scouts, there have been two things that have been clear: (1) I love to create things and (2) I have a passion to lead and help others success.

After college I gained valuable experience in the corporate world of UPS, helped launch and church, and opened a coffee shop. Due to a struggling economy, we were forced to close the coffee shop, but this opened the door for me to join the team at Le Print Express (now Nu expression) to build the new web department.

What began as a “one person” web department is now 18 team members strong eight years later! We rebranded in 2010 to Nu expression and have since quadrupled the business since purchasing it with two other team members in 2013.

I spend most of my day investing and developing our senior and lead team members so they can reach their own goals. If I am not with our leadership, I am meeting with potential clients discussing their marketing challenges and how we can help them reach their goals or I dreaming about the future of our own business!

Outside of Nu, I am a husband and father to 6 children. My wife and I are both adoptive and foster parents that enjoy the outdoors, family time, college basketball, and various sports for the kids.

When I am not behind a computer or meeting with clients, you’ll find me spending time with my family. I have an amazing wife who cares for our 6 kids. Most days our house is a bit insane, but neither of us would trade it for the world. As both a foster and adoptive parent, my family’s mission is to advocate for those who need homes. I am thankful that I get to help lead a company who values “family first.”

My Skills




Web Design


My Favorites

STARBUCKS: Venti Dark roast w/ cream & sugar

FOOD: Chicken Parm

SPORT: Duke Basketball

PASSION: Adoption

BRAND: Apple Computers

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