Hello! My Name Is

Mary Fonvielle

Hello! My Name Is
Mary fonvielle.

Hi, I’m Mary, and I’m excited to have joined the team at Nu Expression as a Content Writing Specialist! I studied creative writing and art at Appalachian State University. After college I spent a few years on a horse ranch near my hometown in Wilmington, NC, and feeling torn between my love for both mountains and ocean, I moved to Winston Salem in 2015 as the perfect compromise.

A lover of all things creative, I started writing my first short story in kindergarten, and I haven’t stopped since. I’m a self published fiction writer, and I love being able to bring my passion for storytelling to the table and so I can help tell my clients’ stories here at Nu Expression.

Even in my free time, I’m always creating. Cooking, painting, writing, and reading are some of my favorite hobbies, but I am always trying new things! On the weekends if I’m not out hiking, I’m usually at home with my hound dog and my cats, who are all busy either keeping me company while I watch TV or trying to sabotage me while I’m playing video games.

My Skills



Editing and Syntax

SEO -Storytelling

Finding that word you need but can’t think of

My Favorites

Color: Teal

Season: Autumn

Book Genre: Fantasy

Spicy Foods? Yes!

DnD Class: Warlock

HubSpot Certifications