Hello! My Name Is

Michelle Queen

Hello! My Name Is

Hi, my name is Michelle! I joined the Nu expression team in 2013 as a web assistant to Brian. We shared an office really only big enough for one person, but somehow we made it work! Since then, we’ve moved into a place more than 3 times the size and now I have my own large corner.
Prior to joining the Nu team, I graduated college with an Associates degree in Graphic Design and worked for 3 years in the graphic design & web industry. My passion for web grew over the years and now I work exclusively on websites.

Handcrafting websites that fit the unique needs of each client is exciting to me! I especially enjoy projects that involve a lot of customization. Digging through lines of code and figuring out how to add, move, and modify different elements is my forte. I’m known as the “css ninja” here at the office and love seeing how much websites change with just a little bit of css code. I’m blessed to be a part of the Nu expression team were we truly care about your success!

When I’m relaxing, you’ll find me knitting, watch Netflix shows, or reading a good book. Most people would never guess that I was born in Zimbabwe, Africa and lived there for 12 years. In July 2016, I became a naturalized U.S citizen. I am blessed to be in the United States.

My Skills

Web Design

Css Ninja

Website problem solver

Wordpress Customization via HTML & PHP

Adobe Dreamweaver

My Favorites

Food: Avocado

Hobby: Knitting & crochet (but I HATE sewing, lol)

Animal: Cats

Writer: Francine Rivers

Drink: Hot tea & decaf coffee

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